everyone is faced with it, death stalks us all. these are the tales of the most unfortunate. a horror series unlike anything you've ever read; because its all true. this is, a history of death.
featuring  original stories and art from Creators like:
more tba
these short stories will be combined into a full length title upon completionthe first story will appear in issue three of ain't no graveand will continue for a least five stories before going into print as its own title.
these stories are real, unsettling and not recommended for the faint of heartthis will make you question your own mortality. read at your own risk.



- The first story to be featured is a short by Nick Alcorn & Ish Mabins

- Each story will be 5-6 Pages in length and feature a different cast of writers & artists.

- The first 4 short stories will be featured in upcoming issues of "Ain't No Grave"

- Nick Alcorn will do a 5th bonus story and this will be combined into the first issue of "A History Of Death" as a standalone series.

- artist variants will be available of the book featuring artWOrk from the book's contributors.