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In the deep, dark hills of eastern Kentucky...

Written & illustrated by Nick Alcorn; "Ain't No Grave" is a solo work of fiction in the backdrop of real events that took place in eastern Kentucky throughout the 1970's.

An era of time where the coal industry dominated the rural coal town of Harlan. A war that raged for nearly a century between union coal miners, the energy companies and the gun thugs hired to intimidate anyone picketing for workers rights.

Growing up, Nick Alcorn spent many summers in Harlan County. His grandmother and family grew up in the area and the folk stories of the union heroes and the ways they stood their ground against political powers always sparked interest in his mind. These are the stories that need to be re told; 

A gritty crime noir, and a true tale of conspiracy. Ain't No Grave is the story of Wade & Lori Daniels, the children of a union leader murdered by the local police to stop an internal investigation. 

Pushed to the edge by the local police department, Wade Daniels decides to fight back. But how far is too far in the pursuit of liberty? 



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